Resources to Support Student & Family Well-Being

Students are likely experiencing strong, complex emotions. Simply shifting schedules can feel like a huge disruption in a child’s life. We’ve compiled a few great resources to help parents and teachers support students as they acknowledge and move through confusing feelings during this time.


This documentary film is intended to raise public awareness about this critical time sensitive issue that is affecting over 50 million children, and provide Harvard science research backed solutions that are immediately implementable and that are already proven effective.

The world's most comprehensive and transformational yoga techer training

Invest in yourself and watch your life blossom in ways beyond your wildest dreams. You are a miracle and the world needs your light now more than ever.

What Is the Legacy We are Leaving for Our Children?

Proposal for philanthropists / donors / sponsors.

Together we are creating a bright future for humanity.

Classroom Guide to Cultivating Love & Gratitude (In-Person & Digitally)

Gratitude naturally puts us in a positive state of mind because we focuses on what is, rather than what is not. Approaching life from this place of love and appreciation in the midst of this overwhelming time will enhance our capacity to transcend limiting beliefs and fears, and connect to what matters most in our lives.


Stress is a barrier to healthy schools and student success.

Effectively managing our stress and emotions, supports us in living our values and thriving.

Breathing Life into Education

SKY Schools (formerly YES! for Schools) is a program of the International Association for Human Values

SKY Schools Proposal to Clarksdle Municipal School District March 2022

In discussion with Principal Williams and X217 Staff, SKY Teacher Shenaz Kapasi and SKY USA director, Elan Gepner Dales, submit this proposal to work with X217 from April-June of 2022 to reduce stress and increase performance for both students and teachers.

SKY Schools Tri-Fold for Educators

SKY Schools empowers teachers and students with practical tools to manage stress and emotions, fostering a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle.

The Miacle Morning Series

Improve mindfulness to positively impact your life and your student’s live



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