March 23-25

World Happiness Festival in Miami with FIU

Sept 29- Oct 1

World Culture Fest in Washington DC

April 1-3

Orlando National School Board Association Conference

Monday -Thursday

CATF leading morning sessions to start the day out with incredible energy including breathwork, the miracle morning, meditation, movement and affirmations.

Thursday CATF will lead a 4-5 hour break out session for the principals, school district administrators and leaders to showcase the program we are offering to the school teachers, through our 8 week online program which addresses mental health, SEL (social emotional learning) and PD (professional development) guided by Choose Love lead by Scarlett Lewis SEL program for social emotional learning for children, teachers and communities, Art of Living Sky School, Flow State Institute, Kids Yoga Adventure programming, and the Miracle Morning for teachers, kids and parents, guided by trained TMM facilitators. In this interactive, experiential immersion, you will be guided through The actual curriculum that we offer teachers, parents, administrators and children as well and be invited to explore deeper partnerships for the school teachers, communities and children.