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Message from The Office of The Vice President of the USA
August 15, 2022
Dear Ms. Gordon,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about the environment. I am motivated every day by passionate individuals like you, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your letter.

Today, our Nation faces many challenges. Together, we are responding with what I call American Aspiration. American Aspiration is the ability to see what can be, unburdened by what has been. It is the determination to do, not only to dream. I see it in America’s innovators, educators, small business owners, and nurses. I see it in people like you.

Although these are tough times, I have never been more hopeful about our Nation’s future. While we may not agree on how to solve every issue, I promise to work hard for all Americans each and every day. I look forward to working with you to shape the future for generations to come.



Our mission is to alleviate the suffering of the world by educating school teachers and children, teaching them how to master (or at least manage) their minds and emotions using yoga based practices supported by scientific research by Harvard and Stanford researchers to create a bright future for humanity.

The Problem

Children and Students are suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD/trauma, obesity and suicide more than ever in history.

50% of all teachers are considering quitting from work related burnout and frustration with the current school system

3.6 million teachers in America
50 million school children in USA

We are openly welcoming and accepting financial donations, contributions and long term philanthropic partnerships…

Why Are We Best Qualified to Provide This Solution?

Children are the Future is a unique and powerful union of 3 foundations, with a combined impact for over 67 years of loving devoted service.

Flow State Institute, founded by Dashama, offers the world’s leading yoga and wellness trainings and teacher certification programs since 2005. Dashama is an award winning author, speaker and teacher with a track record for success. She has been spoken at and worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, celebrities and brands including being a United Nation Keynote speaker and presenter for International day of Happiness, Stanford Happiness Hall of Fame inductee and speaker, creator of Yoga Awareness Week at Sony Picture Studios in LA, Presenter at Nike Global Leadership Summit in Miami, she spoke at the Illinois State Senate, worked with Harvard Dr Sat Bir Khalsa on a research collaboration at University of Warwick, UK and is the founder of Bright Future Foundation and the Children are the Future initiative to help solve the mental health crisis in schools.

Reaching and impacting over a hundred of millions of people world wide online through her vast media reach through youtube, facebook, instagram, tiktok as well as partnerships with the world’s largest yoga app, Daily Yoga with over 50 million subscribers

Hi, I’m Dashama,
Founder of Bright Future Foundation.

There was a time when I was completely depressed, lost and felt no purpose to my life. I was guided to a yoga teacher training in 2005 that completely awakened my heart & brought me back to my soul. For the first time I felt complete inner peace, my broken heart was healing & I felt the purpose-driven inspiration to share this incredible energy medicine with as many people as I could.

I launched the first online yoga challenge on youtube in 2008 which impacted millions of people. So many people contacted me who were in need of healing, I felt inspired to share this powerful path and healing with as many people as I could. I soon realized I could not do this alone, so in 2011 I founded Flow State Yoga Institute to meet the massive demand for this powerful healing path.

Over the years, I’ve been featured in Vogue, Cosmo, Sunday Times UK, WSJ, ABC, NBC, CBS, Discovery Channel, OWN.

I’ve had the chance to work with amazing athletes and celebrities like Sugar Shane Mosley, Jack Canfield, Sadhguru, and Jillian Michaels. I was inducted into the Stanford Happiness Hall of Fame, and had the privilege to speak at the United Nations for International Day of Happiness and at the Flow Summit alongside the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru, and Deepak Chopra at the Flow Summit.

The receptivity for these teachings has shown me that humanity needs this now more than ever. We need a massive army of healers, light workers, coaches and teachers to help us spread this incredible energy medicine to the world. If you feel called to be a light in this world, you are in the right place…

Our global tribe

You are joining a global tribe of change makers committed to raising the vibration of humanity together.

Reaching & impacting over 100 million souls globally online.